Episode 3 – Punisher War Zone and Ted Nugent SUCKS!

In this episode of The Opinionators, Derek, Chris and Jeremy sit down to talk about a bunch of stuff. Derek shares his thoughts about Piracy and the Best Christmas Movies of All Time while Chris explains his hatred for the Fast and the Furious movies and Jeremy shares a story about a time when he had to escort Ted Nugent through an airport.

EDIT: Quick apology but our audio recording software was being a stupid this episode and stopped recording right in the middle of our conversation. As such, there is no proper ending to this episode. You’ll just have to imagine what we talked about. Odds are whatever it was, it was most likely pretty dumb.

Episode 2 – The Nintendo Creators Program SUCKS!!

On this episode of The Opinionators, Derek, Jeremy and Chris talk about Nintendo and their ongoing battle with controlling content on YouTube. ┬áIn addition to talking about Nintendo (as in traditional Opinionators fashion), the guys talk about why Chris hates The Beatles, why Derek hates Rocky IV and Jeremy’s (totally heterosexual) love for Boogie2988.

Episode 1 – TV Shows We Love or Hate

In this episode of The Opinionators, Jeremy, Chris and Derek finally settle on a name for the podcast and talk about Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Seinfeld and any other random tv shows they enjoy(ed) watching.

Episode 0 – The Madness Begins

In this episode of The Opinionators, we still don’t have a name for our show. That being said, we all wing it BIG TIME and talk about a bunch of random nonsense. Pretty much par for the course if you ask us.